THE PALIOXIS PROJECT was initiated in 2034 with the intent to launch the first manned expedition to Mars. Three years and 1.4 million applications later, VoloGen Industries and Astronautics have finally narrowed down the list of potential candidates who will complete humanity's greatest journey. Selected applicants from 127 countries have been divided into seven groups:


Those who have been appointed to group BLACK have achieved the highest level of accomplishment and have qualified for advanced testing. 
Congratulations to all accepted candidates. If you have been accepted to move on to the next stages of testing, you will be contacted with your group name and password information very soon. Please log into to receive further instructions. In 2041, one of these candidates will be chosen as humanity's best representative to fulfill the journey to Mars. Until then, we at VoloGen Industries and Astronautics will remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure that THE PALIOXIS PROJECT launches safely and successfully.
Mars Awaits