Throughout 2038, VoloGen Industries and Astronautics will launch four subsequent missions to dispatch equipment and supplies to Mars for the construction, habitation and sustentation phase of THE PALIOXIS PROJECT. Utilizing VoloGen's patented Palioxis Payload Carrier Vessel, four primary service modules will be loaded and dispersed to the Martian surface towards the end of the year. Each service module will contain a Mark VII Construction and Maintenance Operational Environment Drone and an assortment of construction and electro-mechanical equipment, including retractable aluminum-lithium alloy construction material, solar cells, nickel-hydrogen batteries and radioisotope power systems.
The Mark VII Construction and Maintenance Operational Environment Drone (CAMOED) is the latest model in VoloGen Industries and Astronautics' innovative line of semi-automated labor drones. The Mark VII has been equipped with a propulsion lift system that has been custom engineered to function in the Martian atmosphere. For the first time, CAMOED has been given responsive control to oversee its mission parameters without the need for human intervention. The Mark VII will be the last in the CAMOED series as VoloGen Industries and Astronautics begins to move towards a new line of fully automated labor and surveillance drones. Over the next three years, the MARK VII drones will construct a habitat unit, hydroponic station and research laboratory where the sole crew member of THE PALIOXIS PROJECT will carry out the rest of his or her life. Once the construction and habitation phase is completed, additional supply units will be deployed.