After five years, VoloGen Industries and Astronautics is finally prepared to reveal the identity of the individual who will become the first person to journey to Mars. In 2041, Jerilyn Rosenthal will fulfill the primary objectives of THE PALIOXIS PROJECT by embarking on humanity's most extensive journey. Jerilyn Rosenthal was selected among 1.4 million potential applicants from 127 countries after a rigorous search progress which lasted over thirty-six months. Rosenthal's potential was evident from the beginning as she advanced through every testing phase, and met every criteria of resourcefulness and endurance. Eventually, she achieved placement in a select group of candidates, advancing past all other contenders to secure her place as the prospective representative of humanity. VoloGen Industries and Astronautics has the utmost confidence that Rosenthal will embody the greatest attributes of humanity, and that her pursuit of knowledge will serve as an inspiration for generations to come. Rosenthal is currently undergoing daily training in order to ensure that she will perform her duties at maximum efficiency by 2041.
Jerilyn Rosenthal was born in North Platte, Nebraska in 2004, but spent most of her life in Kansas after her family relocated to the McConnell Air Force base in 2010. Her father was a senior master sergeant and her mother was a pharmacist. Under her father’s guidance, she would often practice on the basic military training courses on the base premises. Rosenthal attributes her childhood training to the success she received later in life. She has fond memories of laying in the fields once her training was over and trying to find Ursa Major in the night sky. Rosenthal attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology to study aerospace engineering and has held careers at Spirit AeroSystems and The Boeing Company. When asked to comment about her forthcoming journey, Rosenthal stated that, "this expedition is for the greater benefit of the human race. I plan to conduct myself with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency."
Jerilyn Rosenthal