On April 6th, 2040, VoloGen Industries and Astronautics completed the preparatory phase of THE PALIOXIS PROJECT by launching the final cargo vessel en route to the first human habitat on Mars. An advanced model of the Palioxis Payload Carrier Vessel was utilized to transport 1,087 kilograms of equipment, utilities, tools and provisions to the Martian surface in preparation for the arrival of Jerilyn Rosenthal. In 2041, Rosenthal will become the first human to journey to Mars to conduct a lifetime's worth of scientific study for the continued benefit of the human race. To aid her in her continued research and analysis, Rosenthal will be supplied with an ample amount of equipment, instruments and provisions, with subsequent cargo launches following in the ensuing years. Most of Rosenthal's food supply will be grown and sustained within the hydroponics station of the habit itself. The Palioxis Payload Carrier Vessel was launched from a VoloGen Industries and Astronautics tracking station in Borneo and met 100% of expectations.
Final Palioxis Cargo Vessel Launched