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VoloGen Industries and Astronautics, the leader in aerospace engineering and mechatronics, is proud to announce the initiation of a project which will change the course of human development for centuries to come. Spearheaded by the brightest minds from around the world in a global initiative that will span several decades, THE PALIOXIS PROJECT will accomplish what no institution has managed to produce in nearly a century of space exploration. In 2041, one person will journey to Mars to establish the first extraterrestrial human settlement, and to conduct a lifetime's worth of research that will enhance and broaden the lives of every individual on Earth. One person will have his or her name cemented in the echelons of legends such as Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Cody Winston. One person will travel farther and see more than any other person throughout history.

VoloGen Industries and Astronautics will conduct an extensive search process to find the most suitable person for THE PALIOXIS PROJECT. We're reaching out to all people around the world in an attempt to find the person who will embody the best qualities of humanity. The person who will ultimately be selected will need to have the resilience and mental fortitude to endure the journey to Mars, and the independent spirit and tenacity to rely on him or herself. To reiterate: the selected applicant will establish a permanent settlement on Mars for the continued benefit of the human race. Only those with the strongest willpower will be considered. To learn more about THE PALIOXIS PROJECT, please visit